What Are The Rules?

A list of six themes will be announced at 10:00 am on the day of the Marathon, at the Event location. By 4pm, each Entrant will submit one photo interpreting each theme. The photos may be submitted through this website.

For each photo

  • Only photos in digital format will be accepted.
  • All photos must be taken in Edmonds during the hours of the event.
  • All images must be submitted by 4 pm on Marathon day.
  • Please submit only one photo per theme.
  • Photos must be labeled by topic. You may shoot as many images as you like, but you may only submit one photo per theme, your "best shot" in other words.
  • Judging of the photos will take place after the event and will be announced at a reception on September 20th.

The fine print

  • All entrants must sign an entry/release form. Custodian signature required for entrants under 18.
  • Entry fees should be made payable to Rotary Club of Edmonds.
  • Because this is a charitable event, no refunds will be given.
  • Everyone enters at his/her own risk.
  • Entrant gives permission to the Rotary Club of Edmonds to use the images on our web site or for publicity purposes, including public exhibition of entries.
  • Be sure you have permission before taking pictures of specific people, especially when photographing children.
  • Decision of the judges is final.