What is a Photomarathon?

A photomarathon is a photography contest with a twist.  It’s a competition where photographers are given specific topics to interpret in photos within a time limit.  Photomarathons have been popular around the world for many years.  While the number of photos and the time limit may vary from event to event, the photo entries are always submitted digitally rather than in printed form. 

The Rotary Club of Edmonds has been hosting this unique competition for a number of years in Edmonds. Originally the event was limited to the Edmonds area, beginning at a set time at a set place. In 2020 we went totally virtual, from start to finish. That means anyone anywhere can participate. And the world is your venue.

The competition will start at 10:00am on Saturday June 12, with the announcement of 6 themes, at a video meeting on ZOOM. The topics will simultaneously be announced on Facebook and on our website at edmondsphotomarathon.com. All you need to participate is a digital camera or a smart phone. Participants will have 6 hours to interpret the 6 themes in photos.

Photographers can begin whenever they like after 10:00. The photo entries must be sent to the email address provided to Registrants only by the end time of the competition at 4:00pm. The interpretation of the themes is up to each participant. The object of the competition is to select and capture images that best express the themes announced, in the time allotted. The idea is to be creative, spontaneous, and to have fun.

Photos must be taken on the day of the competition (be sure your camera’s calendar feature is turned on, and that the date is correct). Prizes will be given to the top photographers for each theme. Participants may submit only one photo per theme, but are not required to submit for all six topics to win.

All photos will be posted on Facebook and on our website. We also plan to display all photos at a public exhibition, date to be determined by Covid Safety guidelines.

Proceeds of this event go to the Rotary Club of Edmonds. Please check out our website for a list of our community projects.